AFRENCO is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) conceived to unlock the economic potential of African youth by inspiring them to pursue entrepreneurial careers in key sectors of the economy. The organisation connects the broad mass of underserved youth to business support, funding and mentorship, with a goal of equipping them with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to successfully trade in regional and global markets. Our foremost objective is to empower today's underserved youth become the high-impact entrepreneurs of tomorrow who will craft and lead the economic, industrial and social renaissance of a new, digitized and integrated Africa.


AFRENCO was launched in February 2011 to spark the spirit of entrepreneurship in Africa and empower underserved young people who want to start, develop and run their own businesses under a cooperative business model. We establish strong relations with governments and companies concerned with young entrepreneurship development - making their expertise and resources available to youth-owned cooperatives. Selected aspiring young entrepreneurs register and run their businesses out of our enterprise & supplier development incubator, The Biz Turf, where they have access to mentoring, technology systems, machinery and equipment, materials, shared office facilities and meeting spaces.


AFRENCO aims to address the economic challenges that youth are facing in Africa, especially on entrepreneurial and employment issues. Our model is about Cooperative Entrepreneurship. We service the developing African countries with an aim to build a robust, inclusive ecosystem and sustain youth job-creation opportunities.



AFRENCO has a special position on the continent as it is the main voice of the next generation of entrepreneurs and influential figures of African economy. Our four Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) initiatives below are an exciting way to link AFRENCO with your long-term strategic business and development objectives:

Trade Exchange Summits is a series cross-border gathering of aspiring young entrepreneurs in agriculture, energy, infrastructure, mining, tourism, transport, retail and technology. Held in various cities across Africa, the summits provide a global platform for underserved young people to gain business skills and industry knowledge; debate and formulate new innovative solutions; and start their own sustainable businesses. www.tradeexchangeseries.com

Enterprising Youth is a quarterly magazine published to inspire and enlighten a dedicated readership of aspiring young entrepreneurs in Africa. This digital and print publication delivers the best practices, tips, tools, strategies and perspectives about the world of entrepreneurship. It also spotlights trade-related opportunities and positive commentaries on Africa's top achievers running world-class companies of their own.

The Biz Turf is the only township and rural based incubator in Africa offering mentoring, technology systems, machinery and equipment, shared office facilities and meeting spaces to youth-owned enterprises. The incubator also allows governments and the private sector to conduct business with approved suppliers in a confident manner knowing that the signed service agreements will be sustained and the promised project delivery will materialize repeatedly, on time, on specifications, and within costs.

Grow Fund

Growfund is the venture capital partnership helping companies and foundations to invest their Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) budgets effectively in African youth-owned cooperatives that have high-growth potential. The fund also invest the ESD budgets to SMEs that have secured the private and public sector contracts in agriculture, energy, infrastructure, mining, tourism, transport, technology and retail.


Collaborations help us build and grow our four ESD initiatives which are designed to support economic advancement for young people in Africa. Email us at partner@afrenco.org and find out how you can help close the opportunity gap and create a brighter future for african youth.